Always finding light


Jack Cohen is a photographer and social media strategist.

Jack Cohen

Hey there, I'm Jack.

I am a self-taught professional photographer, filmmaker, and digital creator based in NYC. My travels have given me a global perspective of the myriad of Earth's beautiful treasures: From the sun-soaked beaches of the Atlantic, to the snow-capped volcanic peaks of Iceland. From the shadowed, spice-filled markets of Marrakech, to the rain-worn bike lanes of Copenhagen. From the clear skies over Peruvian Andes, to the blossoming flowers of Kew Gardens. 

At the age of 24, I've established myself as a true professional in the photography space. For my day job, I work at Blue Apron as their Social Media Manager overseeing all things social.

I'm available to hire for commissioned work, workshops, talks, and photography or social media consulting.


You can reach me at